Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Best Part of Me Poems @ your local St. Johns Starbucks

Julie came into our school and brought a class set of digital cameras.
She taught us how to take great photographs.
This spring, through a grant from The Right Brain Initiative, our school was able to have award winning New York Times photographer Julie Keefe come in and teach the children how to find the best part of themselves.

We took turns trying to capture "The Best Part of Themselves"

We took a ton of photos!

We chose the best picture and used them to write our poems.

Mr. Fairbanks built us a beautiful wood frame to hang all of our poems on.

The folks at the St. Johns Starbucks believe we are great artists and decided to make our class their featured artists for May!


  1. I am so excited to head out to the James John Starbucks and see all the beautiful work by Mr. Leach's 3rd graders and Mr. Fairbanks marvelous display ideas!
    I love seeing the one horizontal poster in the bunch--yeah Thea --such a good problem solver, and now everyone will know what a creacle is!

  2. I am new to all things in the blogosphere! The above comment is by Ms. Julie who is so proud of how hard everyone worked to make this happen!

  3. I just learned how to spell caracal--and when I did I found a marvelous you tube video--you should all watch it--it's amazing! Thea--I hope your legs do carry you as high as a caracal!

  4. James John and Julie Keefe rock. I'm so excited for all of you. Your Right Brain Facilitator, Wendy T.