Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting a Good Read on Ms. Rolfe

by Trinity Andrews

Ms. Rolfe is our fantastic librarian here at James John School.  I decided to find out a little more about her.

Where were you born?

Did you get good grades in elementary school?
  "Yes, I did."

Did you enjoy college?
  "Yeah, I think I did.  It was hard, but it was fun as well."

What were your favorite classes in college?
  "I love science.  I loved the classes, learning about science.  I loved taking trips, seeing how things like rocks were formed."

What was your last job did you like it?
  "I taught 3rd grade and I liked it.  I really liked knowing all the kids."

What is your favorite part of this job now?
  "Talking to kids about books and researching with kids."
Have you ever liked any other job more than this one?

  "If I could find one where I could work outside- I would love it."

How do you get all of your books?
  "I put in orders with a book company.

I know this maybe a silly question, but do you like to read?

  "Yes, I love to read."
Do you like being a School Librarian? 
  "I absolutely love being the librarin here at James John."

What inspired you to be a librarian?
  "I love kids and I love books.  What could be a better job?"

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