Monday, November 15, 2010

Off to another Great Week!

Well, we all survived Monday.  It's always a little bit of a jarring start after the weekend.  The kids did a great job on Friday with Ms. Wilcox.  I received a text from her that said "AMAZING KIDS!"
 I asked her if they were "extra recess good", or "doughnuts good".  She said, "Doughnuts for sure!"
So that's how we started the day.

All but about eight kids have turned in their book reports that were do last Friday.  I talked to those kids today and they all assured me that they would have them in soon.

Our class did FANTASTIC on the State Reading Tests that we took a few weeks back.  I'll be sharing your child's score with you at Parent Teacher Conferences next week.  Be sure and check the Calendar on the sidebar for your time.

I'm also working up a homework packet stuffed with fun that will keep your little turkeys busy all week.

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