Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Talking It Out with Ms. Nahurski

by Gabby Ford

Ms Nahurski is our school guidance counsleor.   I chose to interview Ms. Nahurski because I like people who help people.  I had a few questions for her.  Here's what she said.

Did you like school growing up?
  "Yes, I did., a lot.  I especially liked elementary school."

What are some things that you like about our school?
  "I like working with our great staff and helping the families in our neighborhood."

How did you become a school counselor? 
  "I took classes at Lewis & Clark College.  I also did internships at several different schools, watching other counselors and practicing new skills."

What do you like best about being a school counselor?
  "I love getting to know kids and trying to help them feel better about themselves.  I also like helping them to get along better with each other."

What are some jobs that you have at our school?
  "I teach lessons in classrooms, lead small groups in my office.  I also talk with kids one on one when they are having problems."

What other schools have you worked out?
  "James John School is my first position as school counselor, and I've been here seven years.  Before that I interned at Rose City Park Elementary, Franklin High, Hosford Middle, and Beaumont Middle School."

What do you think makes our school special?
  "I think it's the support that comes from the community of people who send their kids to school here, the kids who learn here and the commited teachers and staff."

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