Student Writings

Dear Mr. President,

We have been following the past election very closely here in Room 12.  Some of the kids were very happy that Obama won a second term as president, while others were not.  Regardless of how we voted, President Obama is now in office.  
The following are letters that the we wrote to him.

Dear Mr. President,

Hello how are you?
Congratulations on winning the election.  I am in third grade in Mr. Leach’s class at James John School in Portland, Oregon. My family did not vote but we all hoped you would win the election on Tuesday. On Monday my class voted to see which president had the most votes.  Your opponent had three and you had nineteen votes. I hope you can come and visit us at James John School and I hope you can make women and men to be payed the same amount of money to pay taxes and bills.   My name is Emylee and I hope you can come to James John School to come and see us and we are doing in Room 12.


Dear Mr. President,

Hello. Congratulation on wining the election.  I  am  in third grade at James John School in Portland, Oregon. My teachers name is Mr. Leach. Our class did a vote you got 19 votes
and Mr. Romney got 3 votes. My name is Ida , my family voted for you. We also watched the election. I think all kids should have good teachers. All people should get payed the same amount of money and all people should be treated the same. And the same education. 



Dear Mr. President,

 I am a third grade student at James John school in Portland Oregon.  I think you should help buildings like in Sandy. And I think you should you should help people with jobs.  I think you should help poor schools.  And I think you should  help other countries. And I think you should help poor people.

From Ashley 

Dear Mr. President,

Hello. Do you feel good?
Congratulations on  the election. I am a 3rd grader at James John School. I am in Mr. Leach’s class. In my class 3 voted for Mitt Romney and 19 people voted for you. And I am one of them who voted for you. I am excited that you won. I saw the election. Some kids don’t have great schools or great teachers. Some people don’t have jobs. Some kids have a hard time at school. Some kids don’t have great technology.
I am just asking can you at least change some of these things.


Dear Mr. President,

Hello. How are you? Congratulation on winning another term as president!  I am a third grader and my teacher is Mr. Leach.  My school name is James John.  We live in Portland, Oregon. I saw you on TV.  On Monday we voted for our classroom. 19 people voted for you and 3 people voted for Mitt Romney.  I voted for you.  I am glad you won the election.  I believe that all kids should have great teachers.  Our school is almost 100 years old.  I am a smart and I am a girl. I am a neat handwriter.


Dear Mr. President,

I am so happy you won this year.
I am in third grade in Mr. Leach’s class and I go to James Johns school in Portland, Oregon. We had a vote on who should be President and you got 19 votes and Mr. Romney got 3 votes. I think you should come to our school.

Love, Emma

Dear Mr. President,

Hello Mr. President congratulations for winning the election vs. Mr. Romney.  My name is Abel. I am a 3rd grade in James John School in Portland, Oregon. On Monday we voted. 19 kids voted for you and 3 kids voted for Mr. Romney.  I voted for you. Our school is in a neighborhood called St. Johns.  Our school is almost 100 years old. Have good luck for the next 4 years as president.

Sincerely, Abel 

Dear Mr. President

Congratulation on winning another election. I am a third grader in mr Leach’s class in Portland. My family didn’t vote for you and they were sad that you won.  I’m just glad that we have a president. 
Have a great day being president. 

Love Melini

Dear Mr. President,

Hello how are you?
I’m glad you won the election  and congratulations!
My name is Peni.  In our class 19 people voted for you
and 3 people voted for Mitt Romney.
Thank you for saying we can have a great teachers and a great schools.
Thank you for all your work.  I’m in Portland and my school is James John.  I hope you have a great time in Washington and I think your creative too.
My teacher’s name Mr. Leach I hope you vist us.
Love Peni

Dear, Mr. President

Hello  I hope you are doing good.
My name is Evelynn and I go to James John school in St. Johns.
I am in 3rd grade and I would
Like you to help my school and other
Schools because our schools is
Almost 100 years old and I
Would like James John to be new
And other Schools to be new too.

Eveiynn S.


Dear Mr. President

I’m happy to see you that you have become  President. I really love my school and I’m a student named Lina Ouanesisouk.  My third grade teacher is Mr. Leach and just to tell you he’s too funny.  I’m really worried that some people are poor and need to be healthy and also need to go to school. They need food, water and vitamins. My mom and dad is Laotian and they are lots of poor people. My country is so poor that I’m  upset about it. My school is James John School.

Sincerely, Lina Ouanesisouk

Dear Mr. President,

How are you how does it feel to be president again?
I bet it feels great to be president and to have a great family!
The only thing probably you have to do and take care of a lot of work.
Does it feel good to be president?
How are things going in life?
Do you live in a safe house?
What is going on in life?


Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on winning another election. I am a third grader at James John school in Portland OR. My teachers name is Mr. Leach.  In class we did a vote
Mitt Romney got 3 votes you got 19. My dad is in N.Y. making food for the
people who lost there homes in the flood.  He gets lots of money for it- but he just cares about the people who lost their homes. Can you have someone come build more jobs and plant more tree and other green stuff.

Dear Mr. President,

Hello. How are you?
Congratulations on winning another election. Hi,  I am Auston. I am in third grade.  I’m glad you won the election. 
From,  Auston

Dear  Mr. President,

 Hi my name is Aaliyah.  And when they vote again I hope you get the most votes and not Mitt Romey because a lot people think you’re a great president  for being kind, taking away bombs so no one ever gets hurt in life because no one wants their life taken away.  Because they love their families and friends and every one they know and love.
Sincerely, Aaliyah

Dear Mr. President

Hello How are you? Are you excite you are president? I am a 3rd grader at James John School. My name is Abigail. Can you please help all the children who have very little food and water and need to go to school you know we all need to go to school and can you please build more schools and I voted for Mitt Romney but good job. 
From,  Abigail. 

Dear Mr. President 
Hello, my name is Samara.
I am a third grader at James John Elementary.
Mr. Leach’s class I am learning so much stuff! I hope
other kids are learning too!

Dear Mr . President

Hello. I am a third grader at James John School in Portland,
Oregon- Oh! my name is Oscar I am glad that you are still
President! Could you come to our school on Lombard
Street in St.  Johns? Can you make more jobs?  Is nice to live
in the white house?
Love, Oscar

Dear  Mr. President,
Hello, how are you? Please come to our school some day.  Congratulations on winning the election.  Can you put up a basketball court for us?  I’m a third grader. I live in the neighborhood.  I am eight years old. I ‘m excited you are our president.   I knew Mr. Romney would loose the election. My name is Donovan.   I like you Mr. Obama.   I wish you could change things so we have more homework.         
Love, Donovan

Dear Mr. President,

I’m happy that you’re our new president.  I hope that you are our president next year- because you’re so awesome.  One time there was a whole table full of boys and I was there too- and we all voted for you.  But four people didn’t vote for you.  I bet you hate it when people do that to you right?  When I grow up I’ll be president some day – but if I don’t get to be president someday its okay.
from Jacob

"I Am" Poems
We started out with writing down our "Authority List".  Which were all the things that we were good at, or had experience being, like a sister, a brother, a student etc. We took that list and made a long descriptive line starting with "I am".
The second main line of the poem starts with  "You will find me"  
This was very powerful, as you scroll down you'll see where you may find your child 
and what they might be doing.   All of these poems were done completely on their own by your 3rd Grader. We will begin discussing editing next week, but I wanted to know where the kids were with conventions, spelling and handwriting. 

2010-2011 Class ---------------------------------------------------------- 

 The Best Part of Me
(as seen at your local Starbucks)

Haiku for You


 List Poems
Last week, after reading Falling Down the Page we wrote our own list poems.  All of these poems are posted write across the hall from Room 12.

Little Monster
By Hunter
There is a monster in my house. 
Every time I turn around I get hit in the face with a toy. 
If he is in a bad mood I will get hit with a big toy or I will get scratched or he will turn off the Wii when I am playing Call of Duty Black OPs. 
To my mom he gets all the love, but when I look at him I see evil. He is a little monster. 
He is my brother. 

When My Grandma Passed Away
By Katlyn
My grandma was kind. She was my favorite grandma I have ever had. She liked going to Izzy's with me and my family. 
 She just liked Izzy's coffee. We go to her house and visit her and we get McDonalds. She always liked chicken sandwiches. 
She left when she was 92. 
It was so sad. 
She put her cats down too because she left. 

My Sun School Class
By Jesus
Yesterday I was in Sun School. My class is the Marimbas. It starts at 2:45 and ends at 3:45. My teacher's name is Jennifer. There are some kids that I know and some kids that I don't know. First, we went to the auditorium. Then we talked about performing new songs. After that we learned about the rules of music. They are: Be safe with the Marimbas, Have fun, and Listen to the teachers instructions. I play the base. James is on the Baritone. Also, Sean is the leader because Sugey and I use to be the leaders but now Sean and Alexis are the leaders. When we were done playing Marimbas, a girl gave us candy because she had candy leftover from trick or treating on Halloween. The teacher said, "What about if we play tag in the gym?". We said yes. Jennifer was it. She was about to tag me. Then I was it and I was chasing Jennifer but then I tagged her again. It was fun playing tag in the gym. I hope that we can play it next Tuesday.

The Pink Eye
By Elias
 The time I wasn't able to do something that I wanted to do was when I got Pink Eye. This happened when I was in Kindergarten at Sitton Elementary School

I tried to make the pink eye go away, but it wouldn't budge. I was gone from school for about a week and you know how some kids feel about school. They hate it, but in those days, I enjoyed school. When I was still gone, my brother went to my classroom to get my homework because he went to the same school as me.

Back when I was dumb enough to think that punching my pink eye would make it go away, I didn't realize that I would make it go from pink to black.Luckily, someone warned me that if I kept punching my eye, it would turn black.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you how it went away. First, I told my mom about my pink eye. Second, she got eye drops and started putting them in my eye. It finally went away. I was glad to be able to go back to school again.

Gets What She Wants              
By Trinity
One time in California, my dad yelled, "Do you want to go to the water park or to the beach?". My sister and I looked at each other, as if we were  on the same page. That was not the case. She yelled something different then me. I said, "Beach" and she said, "Water Park"!! Of course we had to go to the water park because she always gets what she wants. I have a few more examples.

One time at Six Flags she asked for candy and she got it. She then asked for popcorn and she got it. After that she asked for cotton candy and she got that too. 

She always gets what she wants! When we got to the water park it turned out to be wimpy and too small. We stayed for awhile and later on my sister and I started to fight because she kept cutting me in line to get on the  slides. We decided to make a bet, we both had to spell supercalifragilisticexpialadosious. She spelled it wrong. Later, she agreed that I won. We officially were getting along...for now.

One Summer       
By Sara
One summer my family and I went to Bandon. We stayed for three days. All we did was play DS. The three days went by really.

The third day we were going to go home, but we stopped a couple of times at a few beaches.

When we all climbed in the van, my dad started to step into the van when a big silver Dodge truck hit our van on the driver's side. We could not open the door. My dad tried to close the door and said, "This is ridiculous. I just fixed the rear view mirror."

My Messy Bedroom    
By Thea
As I approached my bright bedroom, I could see my chair with a book I've been reading for a week. It was laying on the chair. It was with my coat and my lunch box was hanging on the back. 

My bookshelf has the Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, Captain Underpants series, and about 20 plus other books I've read at least twice. One the last shelf there is a scrabble game and my clarinet in its black square case. 

Around my window there is a line of of half burnt out Christmas lights. Under the lights is a jumble of wire and cords from my black speakers and white iPod Nano charger.

To my left I see something new. It is a light oak dresser. On top of it there are two trophies for soccer. One of them is broken because my cat knocked it off of the top. Also there is a basketball and baseball trophies by my pictures. 

I see my bunk bed without a bed on the bottom and instead there is a desk. On my desk I see a clutter of papers, art, notes, books, pencils, and pens. Underneath my desk, I see bins full of papers, yarn, art supplies, and movies.

Again, I see my bed with blankets by head, a comforter to one side of the bar, and the two pillows that I sleep on. The two pillows form a half circle and this leaves me having a kink in my neck.

In my closet I find Keen shoes and a backpack. I see a purple plaid shirt with a collar and buttons all the way down the front.  On my walls there are pieces of art that I like the best. There are posters and  Tai Kwan Do award.

The Old Man on the Bus  by Victoree
Every morning I go on the city bus with my mom and brother.  Mom puts $2.00 in the tank of money.  Mom tells us to go to the the back of the bus, so we obey. On my way up the two stairs, I see a grinning old man with five or six missing teeth, dirty blond hair, a dark yellow jacket with big bushy eyebrows.  He was looking outside of the Tri Met window, smiling at the trees and bushes, as always.  We were on our way to school and were late because sometimes the bus is early or maybe even late, but we still try our hardest to get on the bus.  The next day the old man was on the bus with new black trousers with white stripes.  But the next day he wasn't on the bus, and a teenager with brown hair and a blue hoodie was in the old man's spot.  He wasn't very happy about being on Tri-Met. Wherever the old man is, I hope he will be on the bus tomorrow.

 Battling Medusa by Maleke & Elias 
One day Elias and I  went to his house. We played on my PSP, and the game was called God of War. His little brother and Sister kept on calling me Moeleke.
I got to Medusa, but Elias and I couldn't beat her. I was close, I got her on target, but I messed up.
Then I got her on target again, and I won! I went up this wall and had to fight two Madusas, and then we couldn't beat her so I took it to my brother Alex and he beat her, even the monster.

 Salmon Creek 
by Jesus 
Last Saturday I went to Salmon Creek with my family.  I asked my mom if I could go swim now and she said, "yes".
I said, "Oh my Gosh!"
There wasn't a diving board.  I jumped in.  Suddenly, I didn't realize that there was a rock int the water. I tried to jump out of the way, but when I hit the water, my head hit the rock.  When I got out of the water my head started to bleed.  I went to go tell my mom.
"What happend Jesus!"
I told her that I hit a rock. 
I went to the bathrooms, my head was bleeding.  I tried to clean my forehead with paper towels, but it wouldn't stop bleeding.  
I thought, "Why do I always keep hitting myself in the head?"  Every time I go somewhere it feels like I am getting hurt!"  There was the time that my cousin was throwing rocks and hit me in the head.  The time my sister slapped my cheek and the time she hit me in the eye. That time Alex hit me in the park.  Angel pushing and fighting at my house. Janeth hitting me at bedtime. Also, my Chihuahua, Coco- keeps barking at me.
I kept putting cold water on my head.  Finally it worked!  My head wasn't bleeding any more. 

The Humane Society
by Katlyn 
 Today I am going to the Humane Society.  I can't wait- because I get to hold animals, and play, walk and do tricks with them.  It is today at 6:00.  
I also get to be with kids.  We also got a letter from them.  They told me to wear long pants and long sleeved shirts or gloves.  
It's going to be the best day ever! 

Yesterday we went to the Humane Society.  We got to eat snacks and we did art with clay.  
After that we got to see PUPPIES!  They were so cute, they played with their ball and chew toys.  

After that we got to see rabbits and birds.  There was a lot to see.  We got to hold a guinea pig.  I had to wait because my mom was looking at animals, then she realized I was waiting for a long time- so she picked me up.

Going to Green Bean Books  
by Emily 
  On Saturday I went to Green Bean Books on Alberta Street with my dad.  When we got there, my dad was parking the car.  When he finished parking, I got out of the car and we opened the door to Green Bean Books.  When I went inside I saw lots of books.  So then I asked a women named Jennifer if she had a book called The Magician's Elephant?  Jennifer said yes.  She let me look inside the book.  then I saw the new Baby Mouse Book!  I asked my dad if I could get it.  He said yes, and paid for it.  Jennifer put it inside a bag and she gave it to me and I said thank you. I took it inside the car and started reading.  I was reading Baby Mouse Cupcake Typhoon.  I almost finished the book on the way home- but I didn't.  
  Then I was reading The Magicians Elephant.  I couldn't stop reading!  I tried to stop and take a break, but then I started reading again.  I love reading.

Green Bean Books  Part 2

by Emily
Dear Jennifer at Green Bean Books,
I love your books, they are funny.  I loved The Magician's Elephant   because my teacher Mr. Leach read it aloud to us.  I enjoyed reading  Baby Mouse and re reading The Magician's Elephant.I have been reading them both a lot.
I love reading both of these books at school and at home, they are the books that I've been reading, nothing else.  
You have great books Jennifer.

My First Communion by Julio 
   I  felt shy and happy as I walked up the church steps.  I had to go to the back of the church, then we had to go back tot the front of the church.  They called us to get the wine and bread.  I did my first communion with my sister Kassandra.           I went home and we were getting stuff ready for the party.  James was the first one there, Cody was second then my whole family came.                                 We started to play soccer outside in my backyard.  My team won.  After that we started to play my Nintendo 64.  Cody's aunt called him because he had to leave.  At night we started to cut the cake- they pushed my face into the cake- then I pushed my sisters face into the cake.  Then we ate it.  When it was 11:30 everybody started to leave.  Some of my cousins were still out my house.  
When it was 11:45, we started to clean the mess up.  I went to sleep at 12:33.

I Am From Poems

In these pieces students tell about themselves by describing their home, neighborhood, hobbies, food, family and cultural traditions.  Some of the writings maybe a little to small to read.  You can magnify the writings by visiting the online album here .

We started out with writing down our "Authority List".  Which were all the things that we were good at or had experience being, like a sister, a brother, a student etc. We took that list and made a long descriptive line starting with
 "I am".
The second main line of the poem starts with 
"You will find me"  
This was very powerful, as you scroll down you'll see where you may find your child 
and what they might be doing.