Saturday, June 23, 2012


"The James John Elementary Depave event is starting in 30min!  The rain and clouds should help you not get too hot or sunburned. If you can't commit to the full 9-1 timeframe just stop by for as long as you can. I hope to see some of you there!" - Joe Purkey

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Surprise Guest Read Alouder Today!

Ms Fraser read a few chapters to us in The Reptile Room
Our wonderful former Student Teacher, Ms. Fraser stopped by our class today! 

The kids had no idea that she was coming for a visit on our last day of school.  Check out the YouTube Video.

Thanks Ms. Fraser for making our last day of 3rd Grade so exciting!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

This Year in 3rd Grade

This year for our end of year classroom video the 3rd Graders were given blank story boards where they had to write and sketch out the scene they wanted filmed.  Here's their advice to next year class and what they learned this year.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Celebrity Read Alouder Today: David Wynde, Portland Public Schools Deputy Chief Financial Officer

David Wynde stopped by our room today for Celebrity Read Aloud.  As you may already know, before becoming the Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Portland Public Schools, David served on the Portland Public School Board for eight years.  David has supported me in my teaching career from the beginning (almost twelve years ago) when he suggested that  I go to work for Portland Public Schools. Some of the best advice I was ever given.   It was great to have him in our room today, a great "bookend" as we start to wrap up this school year.

Congratulations Renne and Letty!

Renne is our Learn for Life Student of the Week!
Letty is also our Learn for Life Student of the Week!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fly Up this Friday!

It's a very exciting time of year here at James John School.  Who will be next year's teacher?  The excitement and anticipation is almost unbearable!

Your 3rd Grader will find out who their teacher will be next year when they "Fly Up" to visit their 4th Grade teacher this Friday at 1:30. 

Fourth Grade Teachers next year are Ms. Harold, Mr. Horrigan and Ms. Ward.

Celebrity Read Alouder Today: Amy Higdon from Stand for Children

Today we had Amy Higdon stop by our room from Stand For Children.

Apparently the word is starting to get out about our little Celebrity Read Aloud opportunities.  

We think that Stand for Children must be particularly excited.  Amy is the third representative that we have had from Stand this year!  

Thanks for stopping by Ms. Higdon, we loved hearing from you today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Letty!

Your Kid Just Had A Field Day During School Today!

Damian's response when he found out it was  Field Day.
We were able to sneak in our Field Day this morning before the rain hit.  It was actually perfect weather for running around- no one got to overheated.
Your Third Grader went through six different stations with their team. 
Big Thank You to our wonderful FULL TIME PE Teacher Ms. Schwartzkoph for setting everything up for us.

Renne is a straight shooter.

 Maia doing the ever difficult "javelin" toss.
Cesar getting distance.
Leti putting her right foot forward.

Sandra at the Jump rope station.
Eisel shows us how it's done.
Alexia had the high score of 60 continuous jumps! 
Mallory jumps for joy.
Eva isn't dancing- she's jumping rope.
Francisco really doesn't want to get hit by the rope.
Cesar going for a strike.
Steeplechase Relay
Ema clearing the hurdle.
Tani giving it her all.
Kai in mid air.
Demetrio's "free style" hurdle.
Next, it was time for the frisbee toss.
Melony flings one in.
Kai hits it dead on.  I got hit getting this shot.
KJ demonstrating his "Floating Frisbee Inside a Hula Hoop" trick
We ended with soccer drills. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hack For PPS

@NickFBarham @MayorSamAdams @benfogarty @zekehoward

For anyone whoever doubted that the Portland community does not care about it's schools- I wish they could have been at Hack for PPS last Saturday.   It was incredibly encouraging to see folks from all over the tech and nonprofit sectors come together and work so hard to design and build publicly accessible digital pathways to meet the needs of our public school children.

Check out the full article @ The Brigade

Field Day Tomorrow!

Field Day is tomorrow morning at James John School! Please make sure your 3rd Grader is dressed for success.