Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebrity Read Alouder Today: Amy Higdon from Stand for Children

Today we had Amy Higdon stop by our room from Stand For Children.

Apparently the word is starting to get out about our little Celebrity Read Aloud opportunities.  

We think that Stand for Children must be particularly excited.  Amy is the third representative that we have had from Stand this year!  

Thanks for stopping by Ms. Higdon, we loved hearing from you today!


  1. And I loved being there! Thank you for allowing me to join your class today -- it was a pleasure reading to them.

    1. Amy is my daughter and I am very proud of her. She works for a company that works for children and understands that reading is a very important part of education
      I believe that nothing increases knowledge more than reading. Teaching children that reading is a very important part of life and how to be successful in life, work, family.

      Keep up the good work Amy and Mr. Leach!

    2. Thank you again Amy for coming in and reading to us. I couldn't agree more with your folks. People from our extended community, like yourself, who come into our classrooms and read- send a powerful message. A message that says, not only is reading important- but that they are important. I think that is a message that our kids can't hear enough. Thanks for sending that message today Amy. I know they heard you loud and clear.