Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Your Kid Just Had A Field Day During School Today!

Damian's response when he found out it was  Field Day.
We were able to sneak in our Field Day this morning before the rain hit.  It was actually perfect weather for running around- no one got to overheated.
Your Third Grader went through six different stations with their team. 
Big Thank You to our wonderful FULL TIME PE Teacher Ms. Schwartzkoph for setting everything up for us.

Renne is a straight shooter.

 Maia doing the ever difficult "javelin" toss.
Cesar getting distance.
Leti putting her right foot forward.

Sandra at the Jump rope station.
Eisel shows us how it's done.
Alexia had the high score of 60 continuous jumps! 
Mallory jumps for joy.
Eva isn't dancing- she's jumping rope.
Francisco really doesn't want to get hit by the rope.
Cesar going for a strike.
Steeplechase Relay
Ema clearing the hurdle.
Tani giving it her all.
Kai in mid air.
Demetrio's "free style" hurdle.
Next, it was time for the frisbee toss.
Melony flings one in.
Kai hits it dead on.  I got hit getting this shot.
KJ demonstrating his "Floating Frisbee Inside a Hula Hoop" trick
We ended with soccer drills. 

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