Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Our class has been invited by Wordstock to attend Wordstock Festival for free!
 Wordstock is the largest literary convention on the west coast and it happens every year right here in Portland.  

This is a Saturday Field Trip.  I know many of you have Saturday afternoon plans, however, I am asking you to forgo your soccer games, tennis lessons and trips to the grandparents so that you and your third grader can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Wordstock and Our Award Winning PTA  have generously agreed to provide a school bus for our trip.  We will be leaving the school at 1:45 and going to the Oregon Convention Center.  We will be returning by 5:00 to the school (at the latest).

What will your 3rd Grader be doing?  They will be meeting some of their favorite authors, asking them questions and will see more books, authors, poets, storytellers, illustrators and writers than they ever knew existed.  It turns out that the author of our current read aloud book, Pseudonymous Bosch will be there!  It's going to be too much fun to miss.  

In fact, since it is going to be such a great trip, and so much fun- Wordstock has generously offered to give free admission to everyone who rides the bus down to Wordstock Festival with us.   That means our class, PLUS 40- 50 more folks!

Questions?  Please comment on this post or email me.

So get on the bus with your 3rd Grader and let's have a great afternoon at Wordstock!

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