Friday, June 3, 2011

A "Draining" Topic

Posting from: Thea & Elias, with additional reporting from Mr. L.

Today Ms. Megan from the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services stopped by to teach us how we can keep our streams, rivers and ground water clean. 
We learned what a Watershed is, and found out that we live next to a huge one!
Brenda pointing out her favorite watershed.

We learned that everyday things like dog poop, dirt, chemicals and oil from leaking cars can pollute our rivers and ponds.

 Ms. Megan then got out her watershed model .

We poured different liquids and materials to show how pollution flows into our water system.

We learned that what we put down the storm drain goes into the river.

We were each given pollution cards . . . .

 . . . and asked, how does this pollute our waters?

We learned that there is a lot we can do every day to decrease water pollution.

Next Friday we will be visiting the Portland Water Pollution Lab.

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  1. Someone is getting very creative with the titles! Great pictures too.