Sunday, June 12, 2011

Room 12 Auction

Kassandra (former student) and Julio's sister, helped us  out.
 Our class has created a lot of really great artwork this year.  Some of it by individual kids and some of  it by table groups.  Each month a new table group is formed and their first job is to decide what their group name will be and to create a flag.  This year we started with Native North West Animals, then went on to Portland Bridges, and finally Planets.  These are large pieces that all of the kids want to take home.  At the end of each school year I give each student $6,400.00 in play money and we auction the pieces off.

It's a great economics lesson- and really fun to watch.

Adrianna thumbing through her funds.
"Try to get a number in your head, before you bid."

Victoree trying to decide how much she wants to spend  on the item.

Jesus is really concentrating.

Each kid put their name on the back of their money.  One of our rules is that you can only bid using your money.

In case of a tie (each kid wanting to spend $6,400.00 on a single poster) it comes down to Bear, Salmon, Mosquito- our version of paper, rock scissors, 


Victoree was the winning bid for the "Racoon Poster"

Gabby was the highest bidder for the "Burnside Poster"

The bidding was heated.

Orlando won the Sellwood Bridge Poster

Deondre had the record bid for the Mountain Lions Poster.

We only got through half of our items up for bid.  The Auction will continue tomorrow.

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