Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Dictionaries?

I am a little bit of a word nerd.  I have always loved learning new words.  I remember when I was in elementary looking through a dictionary for a specific word and getting easily sidetracked scanning pages of words that I didn't know.  It was so fun getting lost in the search.

Today's search engines quickly and efficiently provide us with an answer to our question- but  rarely do they provide discovery.

Dictionaries still allow for this incidental learning and discovery.

Today during our Word Work time, your Third Grader was given a list of words that were not in their normal working vocabulary.  They looked their words up in the dictionary and then tried to write them in a sentence.  Using a dictionary is a specific type of reading that is different from reading chapter books.   It is critical that your Third Grader leave our class knowing how to locate information from reference text.  Tomorrow we will add these new words into our draft books to help us expand our vocabulary.  

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