Thursday, February 3, 2011

February's Focus KINDNESS

This month our school is focusing on being Kind. Ms. Nahurski, our School Counselor came in and read The Brand New Kid.

The class made a list of ways we use Kindness.
We then drew and wrote about how we will be kind.

These Kindness Pledges will be showing up on a refrigerator door near you soon.


  1. I 'heart' this blog ;) Thanks for promoting our Kindness Pledge - great job Mr. Leach's class! Your community of learners are great role models for kindness at James John school.
    ~Ms. Nahurski

  2. Thanks Ms. Nahurski. Where would we be without you?

  3. Thank you for creating this blog. As an out of state parent it's nice to have another avenue to learn about what our kids are doing. Keep up the good work.