Friday, June 7, 2013

Visiting the Impassable Wilderness (Forest Park) with Forrest Park Conservancy

Forest Park is the largest city park in the US.

We saw Sword Ferns, Lady Ferns and Maiden Hair Ferns.

Slugs on the trail!

Don't lick a Banana Slug or your tongue will go numb.

Our enemy: Ivy!

Soft broad leaves, good for allergy attacks . . . and other things!

How old is this tree? (Answer at the bottom of this post)

We learned that English Ivy kills trees.

What happens after a plant sprouts?

O'Maree knows!

Ask your 3rd Grader what photosynthesis is?

Leaf rubbings.

Journaling our learning.

The tree we came across had 96 rings.

That means it was 96 years old! What does the different thickness of the tree rings mean about that year?

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