Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Running For The Arts Today at James John School!

Joanne's feet never touched the ground.

Peni loves running AND the arts. 

Brenda starts out strong.

Jacob running AND posing at the same time.

Savy catches up.

Emylee keeps a solid steady pace.

All that time in Girl's Running Club is paying off!

Please don't run over me Donovan.

It's not a race . . . . ok, maybe it sort of is.
Abi wonders if they have any good running clubs in Alaska.

O'Maree is trying to keep ahead of Dalia.

Destiny tries to out lap her brother.
Emma pulls ahead of the pack.

Rayanne is soooooo glad she wore sweatpants!

"Bring it!"- Aaliyah 

Ida has wheels of solid steel.

Oscar achieves lift off.

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