Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Helping Us Stay Healthy!

Leti using our new water filling station.  

There was a lot of excitement at our school today.  A few months ago we won the School Wellness Award.  Today HBO, Whole Foods Whole Child Foundation, Oregon Dairy Council, City Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith Director of PPS School Board Bobbie Regan, Director of Nutrition Services Gitta Gether-Sweeney and several other distinguished guests joined us as we were presented with new salad bars, water bottles (for every James John Student) a water filling station, and a big check from The Oregon Dairy Council.
With all this support, it sure makes James John School a great place to grow!

Ms. Harold helped us win the Oregon School Wellness Award through the many wellness programs that she has implemented at James John.
Mallory, Francisco and Eisel using one of our new Salad Bars donated by Whole Kids Foundation.


  1. Thank you Mr. Leach for this great report on the celebration of Wellness activities at James John on Tuesday. Nutrition Services hopes that your third grade class will be leaders in eating more vegetables from the new salad bars.
    Shannon Stember, RD, Assistant Director

  2. Thank you Shannon. We know healthy kids don't just happen, we have to grow them. We are very proud of the healthy choices that our kids are making and grateful for the broad base of school, community and national support.
    Thanks for following our learning. Please feel free to forward this post on.