Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh, Barnacles! Spring Break Fun Packet Coming Home Tomorrow!

Coloring courtesy of Gabby. 
Your Third Grader will be coming home Thursday for a very long Spring Break (Friday March 18th and not returning until Monday, March 28).  That's 10 days of fun.  So, in order to help them (and you) over the long break, besides coming home with a big smile- they'll also be coming home with a big homework packet.  They do not have to complete the entire packet.  Please have them do at least two of the math pages and read (or read to them) two of the animal articles and write a response about what they learned.   They can also write about all of the fun adventures they had over Spring Break.
Packets are due Monday (3/28) when they get back.

Have a Super Fun Spring Break!

-Mr. L.

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