Reading Garden Work Party

Everyone was showed up bright and early Saturday ready to start.

James John PTA parent Katie Selby working the barrow.

Orlando worked circles around me all morning.

Since this whole project was Gigi's idea, she got to work all of the serious gas powered machinery.

Joe helping to get everything level.

Mr. Suckow  and Jerry helping to dig out the path.

Orlando gave me a break from the wheel barrow for a while.

Mr. Keller loading pavers.

Ms. Karen brushing the sand into the pavers.

James John Parents, Chevella and Joe unloading.

Along with parents and school staff, some friends from the community showed up to help.

That tremor you felt Saturday morning wasn't an earthquake- it was Gigi tamping the pavers.

James John students Cedric and Harry helped out.

Home Depot gave us a great deal on plants.

Dahlia and her mom Justine planting.

What a difference a day makes.  Principal Shelby with JJ Parent Gigi.