Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Reading in 3rd Grade Looks Like

This was our afternoon yesterday.  (Well, at least 45 minutes of it)  Your 3rd Grader is learning to sustain their independent reading.  You may see some of them writing as well.  They are actually responding to what they our reading.  This afternoon they will be sharing their responses in their reading groups.

Our class is learning that we really need it to be quiet in order to do our best reading.  Does your 3rd Grader have a quiet place at home they can read every night?  I know, with having a 3 1/2 year old daughter- that our house isn't very quiet.  Many parents have told me that they allow their kids to read for the last 30 minutes of the day before lights out.  This is a great strategy.  They younger kids are hopefully already asleep, it's quiet and it's a great way to let their minds unwind from the day.


  1. My daughter Caroline (kindergarten) and I have been following your class all the way from Kansas! We think your class is really cool! You're our reading inspiration (Caroline loves reading - we've been reading some of your class "read aloud" books with you!). Keep up the great work room 12 - you rock! ..... We're BIG fans!

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk (something we KU fans say a lot) - keep up your hard work!

    Erica Massman

    "Readers are Leaders!" unknown

  2. Thanks Erica!
    I'll be sure to share you're really encouraging comments with my 3rd Graders on Monday.
    I always tell them there are a lot of folks seeing what they're doing. Now, maybe they'll believe me.
    Thanks for following. Sounds like Caroline is off to a great start! Keep reading.

    -Mr. L.